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'Ten years following the decline of society, The Rover takes us into the lawless and almost savage world that has taken over. Set in the Australian desert, the film follows Eric, who has left everything he knows behind him as he moves from one deserted town to the next. When the only thing that he has left, his car, is stolen by a violent gang, Eric sets out to find the thieves with the help of an injured member named Rey that the group left behind. With nothing left to lose, it looks like Eric will do whatever it takes to get back what is his, but he may just get back some semblance of human compassion and emotion at the same time. This highly anticipated film will make its big screen appearance in June and from the looks of it, audience members will not be disappointed in the least. Veteran actor, Guy Pearce, plays the role of Eric, the hardened loner, seemingly to the tee. He does a great job of successfully making you believe that this is what people in a world without things such as social media and would be like. The raw emotion and talent is very prevalent, taking this lead role to new heights, especially since the character was written with Pearce in mind. Alongside Pearce is the young yet promising Robert Pattinson lending his abilities to the role of Rey, the brother of one of the gang members who gets left behind when they steal Eric's car. Even though Pattinson has been judged harshly for his past participation in a certain young adult vampire series, he truly is a talented individual who is more than ready to show what he can do. Both Pattinson and Pearce seem to work well with each other, making the story even more three dimensional and believable. From the trailer itself, you don't get a good feel for the roles of the other supporting actors since the main focus is on the characters of Pearce and Pattinson. However, the supporting line-up does look hopeful judging by their past work in other films. Let's hope they bring their best foot forward here, as well. David Michod co-wrote The Rover along with Joel Edgerton, who both worked with Guy Pearce in 2010 on a film titled Animal Kingdom, which received very positive reviews upon its release. The chemistry that launched their previous work into such high regards will hopefully make an appearance here, pushing The Rover toward commercial success. Releasing a trailer for a film can be a tricky process since the filmmakers don't want to risk giving too much away. This trailer treads more on the conservative side in terms of the amount of information presented, leaving audience members searching for a more thorough synopsis elsewhere. This just might work in the films favor, generating more interest and intrigue. This film has been garnered a following for some time now and this trailer easily convinces you that The Rover is a must see. The superb talent of both Pearce and Pattinson will surely be well received and will take the already strongly written script to levels beyond our imagination.'


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Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson being adorable on the set of ‘Life’ in Millbrook, Ontario (x)


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#TheRover - Reynolds

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Rob ~ Maps to the Stars ~ 2014 

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Rob ~ The Rover ~ 2014

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The Rover ~ Official Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChM2icbWo9w

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